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Samvith Infocom Private Limited is a RFID-AIDC-GPS-Wireless access technologies based company founded by team of experienced IT engineers, marketing professionals and innovators in the industry representing more than 50 years combined experience.

Samvith focuses beyond compliance to design and implement solutions that satisfy mandates and creates value for organizations. Samvith team deploys solutions with the confidence and certainty that only comes from their combination of "in the trenches" experience and high-level systems understanding

Our offerings are characterized by global partnerships and information best practices that straddle the physical and electronic world.

We at Samvith infocom believes that a properly designed solution can create a value-generating proposition that works for you. Successful implementation of the right solution can sometimes be challenging, that's why Samvith assembled a team of the best and brightest in the industry who were involved in some of the largest RFID initiatives to date for large PSU Bank for HNI Customer Identification, Developing solution for precious assets tracking for large NBFC, RTLS for Automobile company, End-to-End Race timing solution widely used by several state police and uniformed forces.

Tapping enormous potential of RFID and AIDC, Samvith Infocom team did some of the pioneering work much earlier including development of the world's first RFID based Animal Information management system, Enterprise Solutions for Farms, RFID solution for Aquatic Animal Breeding and Education program, Online catalogue enabled digitization of Manuscripts, E-Learning programs for International students and the move to Integrated PDS system for State Governments.

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